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Recycling and selective collection officers are responsible for finding out, inspecting and verifying compliance with urban environmental regulations on waste for private users, merchants and companies with concessions. People holding this job must have minimum qualifations, assuring proper employment of recycling containers to assure that they are in optimal conditions.


  • Verify compliance with specifications on presenting waste and the correct use of containers and home and commercial collection systems, including respect for time bands and frequencies established in each case by the corresponding city council.
  • Supervise the good use of different systems and their dimensions in ordinary situations and at isolated times.
  • Detect offences committed by individuals and merchants and, where applicable, initiate the corresponding disciplinary proceeding.
  • Monitor the provision of services by municipal and private concessionary companies.
  • Notify individuals and merchants about the good practices they must follow.
  • Write activity and incident reports, including suggestions or complaints formulated by users, employees at the concessionary companies and authorised managers.

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