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Wind Farm Maintenance Specialist; Wind Turbine Assembly Operator


A wind farm operator carries out the operations related to the assembly and maintenance that ensure the correct running of a wind farm, assessing and preventing possible professional risks.
They work in all types of companies commissioned to carry out the supply, assembly, start-up, operational management and maintenance of wind power installations for the production of electricity. As a result, this profession is in the electricity production sector, in the renewable energies sub-sector.


  • Understand and interpret wind power installation projects:
    Identify and locate the different assembly or installation components in situ on the basis of instructions received or the corresponding plans and technical specifications.
    Interpret the plans and technical specifications of the equipment and installations to be maintained to have clear and precise knowledge of the action to be carried out and establish the maintenance action sequence.
    Determine the possible dysfunction between the installation project and the characteristics of the materials received, adopting the appropriate technical and organisational decisions.
    Establish the sequence of the assembly tasks on the basis of instructions, plans and technical documentation, optimising the safety process, method and time.
    Select the materials, tools and other technical resources suited to the type of wind power installation to be carried out.
    Prepare the work area in accordance with the requirements of the site and according to the established work procedures.
  • Know and interpret current regulations applicable to wind power installations and their equipment, especially wind turbines:
    Identify the professional, mechanical and electrical risks in accordance with the safety plan drawn up before starting the assembly or maintenance of the wind power installation.
    Appropriately select the means of protection against the risks derived from the assembly and maintenance to prevent accidents.
    Keep work areas under their responsibility clean and tidy in order to prevent accidents.
    Follow the action protocol in cases of emergency adapted to the corresponding situation.
  • Know, predict and assess the work risks associated with operations with wind turbines:
    Interpret and apply the company's safety manual correctly in each situation.
    Identify the risks derived from accidents in the accesses to wind farms.
    Identify the risks derived from falls, impacts, blockages and collisions of machinery.
    Identify the electrical risks inherent in electrical installations.
    Rate and classify the possible consequences to people of each of the risks identified.
    Manage the risk control and prevention measures, adopting the appropriate technical and organisational decisions.
    Convey the work safety recommendations to the people under their responsibility who participate in the tasks of assembly, operation or maintenance of wind turbines.
    Examine, test and use the safety equipment and systems at wind farms.
    Start up the systems and maintain their correct operation.
  • Know and interpret the company's Safety Plans and participate in their improvement:
    Follow the procedures to stop the turbine safely.
    By acting on the hydraulic system in accordance with the corresponding method and regulations, carry out safety manoeuvres in light of the electrical risks of the wind turbine and the corresponding regulations.
    Carry out operations with hazardous substances and materials in accordance with statutory requirements and the company's safety plan.

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