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Experts on the sustainable management of natural spaces are responsible for assuring that the uses made of a specific space or region comply with applicable legislation. The objective of these regulations, which may be a Usage and Management Plan (UMP) or similar plan, is to conserve a region's biological biodiversity and sustainably use its components. Thus, activities such as agriculture, hunting, fishing, tourism, etc. are regulated, and people holding this job must assure that regulations are complied with. They manage the space (which may be a forest, a coastal region, etc.) and are responsible for working on reviewing and updating the regulations that affect the space in question.


  • Assure the execution of the projects forecast in the Usage and Management Plan (UMP) and meet demands of the competent administration or organisation.
  • Coordinate surveillance and security tasks, with possible part-time work in this area.
  • Watch over the conservation of the installations and coordinate maintenance tasks.
  • Oversee the correct development of activities for public use and research that are authorised or considered in the UMP, activities for using natural resources and works executed that could affect the environment.
  • Oversee the proper functioning of conservation, recovery and monitoring projects of relevant habitats and species.
  • Responsible for the correct performance of the tasks entrusted to temporary or permanent work teams (environmental educators, guards, etc.).

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