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MOED Technician (methodology of minimisation opportunities environmental diagnosis)


The environmental management systems are voluntary systems that allow organisations evaluate and improve their behaviour in the environmental sphere and communicate it. The gradual implementation of Environmental Management Systems in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO STANDARD 14001 and European Regulation 761/2001 (EMAS: Eco-management and Audit Scheme) y manufacturing and service companies require the presence of a specific person in charge due to the organisational and technical complexity of these systems.

These professionals play a key role in the organisation and coordination of the various production departments of the company, in parallel to the implementation of the SIGMA. They apply the methodology of minimisation opportunities environmental diagnosis (MOED), consisting of evaluating an industrial activity or process to determine possible prevention and reduction opportunities at the source of pollution, to provide viable alternatives both technically and financially. Using this methodology, good knowledge is obtained of the company's environmental characteristics is achieved and the waste it emits (atmospheric emissions, waste waters and waste) in order to establish preventive and corrective measures to promote reductions of waste, emissions, noise and polluting effluents.

These professionals perform their tasks by commission at different companies in the industrial sector, either as freelances, experts at consulting or engineering companies or at private or public institutions.


Environmental management system technicians in the industry carry out the following tasks:
  • Perform the initial evolution of the production process, describing it, identifying the main items that generate pollution, weighing up the outcomes, quantifying losses and representing the obtained results.
  • Define the basic guidelines of the MOED according to the environmental regulations for the different vectors (water, air, waste, etc.).
  • Run and assign functions to the work team responsible for the MOED. Coordinate the tasks of the persons in charge of the production, administration or quality departments for the implementation and maintenance of the system.
  • Draw up SIGMA related training itineraries for company staff.
  • Maintain constant communication with the company's senior management to coordinate the entire process and agree with them the MOED objectives, according to its technical and financial possibilities, considering short, medium and long-term business objectives.
  • Calculate the investment required, the cost-benefit ratio and the periods for amortising investments.
  • Analyse impacts, evaluate opportunities with the contribution of new elements for process innovation and draw up the documentation of the system (environment policy, manual, procedures, work instructions, environmental records, etc.).
  • Evaluate the final MOED report with the company, carry out audits and review any non-conformities.

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