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This person directs or performs tasks relating to the maintenance of beaches and nearby coastline areas. This involves, aside from cleaning, signposting and the maintenance of facilities such as bins, showers, and street furniture. and, possibly also crowd control. They should work to improve the protection of the ecosystem, which includes the preservation of animal and plant populations. They should also have the ability to manage groups of volunteers or temporary workers during peak periods of activity.


  • Using mechanical and manual means, oversee the cleanliness of the sand, vegetation, water surface and litter bins.
  • Supervise and take inventory of the state of maintenance of the street furniture, signage, showers, etc.
  • Post signage and closings based on the influx of the public and the bird nesting periods, for example.
  • Inform the public of the general coast regulations and bylaws that must be observed.
  • Take note of any incident and contact, if necessary, the local police and environmental bodies.
  • Prepare a short weekly and monthly report based on the incident notes that are taken daily.
  • Manage a team of temporary or volunteer individuals during the busiest periods.

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