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Maintenance manager, Head of maintenance.


The maintenance manager is the person in charge of managing overall maintenance in the company, coordinating a group of qualified individuals in various tasks (mechanics, electricity, electronics, IT...). This person is in charge of covering the preventative and predictive maintenance plan of all company facilities (production or other), ensuring these operate properly and trying to prevent unforeseen interruptions. Also in charge of the ongoing improvement of methods and procedures. The maintenance manager reports to the production manager or plant manager.


  • Define and organise the maintenance policy in order to improve the preventative model and establish operational maintenace methodologies in a rational manner.
  • Ensure that company work equipment and facilities operate properly.
  • Organise preventative and predictive maintenance tasks applicable to production lines, ensuring their implementation.
  • Draw up preventative and predictive maintenance manuals, ensuring these are kept up to date.
  • Allocate maintenance tasks.
  • Direct, manage and motivate maintenance teams.
  • Coordinate processes with the production manager and other heads of department of the company in order to devise and implement the maintenance process applicable to each department.
  • Together with the person in charge of risk prevention in the workplace, coordinate machinery, work equipment and facility maintenance activities to prevent accidents.

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