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Naturopathic doctor with homeopathic criteria


Homeopaths design, develop and implement therapeutic interventions for curative purposes based on homeopathy. They aim to improve the physical and psychological recovery processes of individuals with manifest conditions, whether as specific activities or as complementary activities, as a part of an overall health programme. Homeopathy is a therapeutic method that treats patients with remedies (from natural substances) which, administered to a healthy person in very low doses, would cause symptoms similar to those that the homeopath intends to cure in the patient, based on the principle of the law of similars.


  • Take a patient's medical history or interpret his or her diagnosis in order to establish the programme and specifically direct treatment sessions.
    Examine a patient and diagnose his or her condition based on the principles of homeopathy. According to the protocol of homeopathic medicine, the diagnosis does not only refer to symptoms, but also investigates the psychological and environmental aspects of the patient.
    Conduct an in-depth interview of the patient to determine all internal and external factors relating to the causes of the manifest disorders or problems.
    Identify and classify the main features of the patient's personality and character.
    If doctor, interpret and utilise other diagnostic systems and medical history provided by the patient, from the perspective of other medicines.
    If doctor, evaluate the effectiveness of other treatments performed on the patient beforehand.
    Identify and determine the causal factors of all symptoms discussed, based on homeopathic principles.
  • Design individually, or with other professionals, a personalised treatment and therapy for the patient's problems or condition in an attempt to improve the patient's physical and mental recovery processes, based on treatment choices of homeopathy.
    Prescribe a homeopathic treatment.
    Decide which homeopathic substances should be administered. Provide information on the medicinal propeties of natural homeopathic substances and on the proper way to administrate the dosis.
    Provide information on the compatibilities and incompatibilities of homeopathic substances.
    Keep records in a report or file with improvements made by patients for each therapy session.
  • Clinically monitor patients' progress.
    Modify and make changes to the initial work plan, based on the results of the sessions.
  • Care for and ensure that therapy tools and instruments used in work sessions and the equipment in the work area are maintained in perfect conditions of maintenance, hygiene and cleanliness.
    Perform disinfection and hygiene tasks specifically for work instruments and physical equipment.
  • Undergo specialisation and enhancement courses on innovations in homeopathic practice.

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