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Physical trainers aim to improve the quality of life and physical health of people through the execution of physical-sports activities. These activities are oriented to the maintenance, improvement, optimization, and recovery of people's physical condition and coordination abilities.

There are two main specialities of this professional profile: the specialist in physical and sports performance and the physical educator or sports readapter. The first is aimed at preparing and optimizing performance for competition or passing professional tests, while that of educator/readapter is in charge of preventing, re-educating, readapting and retraining people with injuries and pathologies (diagnosed and/or prescribed by a doctor), through activities appropriate to their characteristics and needs.


  • Technical-scientific evaluation of the physical condition and state of health of people, paying special attention to injuries, pathologies or people who require special attention.
  • Design of personalized training plans aimed at competition, passing official tests, physical re-education or improving health.
  • Short- and long-term training planning to improve physical health or performance.
  • Adaptation of the exercises to the different characteristics, needs or injuries of each person.
  • Preparation and supervision of personal training, whether group or individual, to ensure that the exercise is performed correctly.
  • Coordination and collaboration with other professionals such as nutritionists, sports doctors, or physical therapists.

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