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Specialist beautician in hydrotherapy / balneotherapy / thermalism, etc.


This is a beautician who specialises in hydrothermal techniques, integrating them into their beauty treatments. Experience of hydrotherapy, balneotherapy and Thalassotherapy is recommendable for beauty professionals wishing to exercise their profession in new urban SPA, gyms, or beauty centres, in which services and activities have already been integrated so as to make good use of the properties of water. By changing temperature and applications at pressure, ciculatory benefits and sedative massages can promote a good skin and tissue condition.


  • Select and customise the hydrothermal techniques to be used during each treatment according to prior aesthetic diagnosis and client progress. Examples include anti-cellulite, firming, liquid retention, tired skin etc treatments. Customers may in theory select the treatment they wish to receive, although on other occasions they must either follow or ask for advice.
  • Before applying the treatment, inform, advise and prepare the customer with regard to the techniques to be applied, explaining the expected effects and benefits.
  • Select and prepare the technical equipment and cosmetic products required for the application of each hydrothermal technique.
  • Usually, combine hydro-aesthetic treatments with other related alternative therapies such as gemmotherapy, mud therapy, chromotherapy, etc. Again, depending on prior diagnosis.
  • Apply the relevant techniques according to appropriate protocols and health and safety conditions.
  • When required, work in coordination with hydrologists, physiotherapists or massage therapists.
  • Ensure the well-being and comfort of the customer during the treatment. Sometimes use music, scents, suitable lighting, etc. to create the appropriate workspace ambiance.

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