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Swimming instructor


Aquatic instructors are in charge of sports instruction in the aquatic field, either in the discipline of swimming, teaching people to swim or improve their technique, or performing other activities aimed at animation and fitness. In this sense, many sports centres offer modalities of aquatic services such as aquagym, aquafitness, Tabata exercises applied to swimming, therapeutic swimming, etc.

They usually exercise their profession in sports clubs or centres (publicly or privately owned) that have a swimming pool (indoor/outdoor). On the other hand, these professionals may attend all kinds of groups including different age ranges, physical condition, or specific training needs.


  • Design plans adapted to the type of person and demand that is served (improvement of physical condition, rehabilitation, matroswimming, education in new aquatic techniques, among others).
  • Plan the training or rehabilitation sessions and techniques that will be used to carry them out.
  • Prepare the necessary material to teach the sessions.
  • Conduct the instructional sessions.
  • Ensure the smooth running of the classes and the correct performance of the exercises by their students.
  • Take care that people's behaviour conforms to the provisions of current health regulations and the internal regulations of each facility.
  • Ensure the safety of users in the aquatic environment and during the sessions and provide first aid, if necessary.
  • Make sure that the facilities are suitable for teaching sessions of any nature (educational, therapeutic, etc.), as well as more technical issues such as temperature and water quality.

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