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This is the professional in charge of accompanying and guiding a person or group on trails and through mountain areas which do not entail the technical difficulties typical of climbing or mountaineering . The trails tend to be travelled on foot, although it is possible to use other means of transport (bicycle, horseback, etc.). The guide must know how to guarantee the necessary safety on itineraries and achieve optimal customer satisfaction.


  • Organise, explain and provide the necessary guidelines to carry out an activity in a nature environment.
    Select routes and activities considering the conditions, environmental issues and the characteristics of the clients.
    Organise all necessary resources (vehicles, hostels, refreshment points, signs, etc.) to ensure the activity is run successfully.
    Inform the group about the equipment and material (type of clothes and footwear, sun protection, etc.) needed to carry out the activity.
    Take responsibility for preparing and looking after the specific material to be used.
  • Guide clients.
    Teach clients basic techniques in order to carry out the activity safely.
    Teach orientation techniques.
    Lead the group and lay out behaviour guidelines to ensure the conservation of the environment.
    Recognise any meteorological or environmental indications of danger and respond to these accordingly.
  • Implement safety and support measures.
    Determine the necessary preventive measures and resources for the activity to be run safely.
    Help with rescue tasks and apply first aid in the case of accidents.
    Apply survival strategies in extreme situations.

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