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Sports coaches are responsible for developing the capacity, technique and performance of athletes and teams, usually facing federated competitions in the corresponding sport or discipline modality.

Responsible for the training, selection, advice, planning, programming, direction, control, evaluation and monitoring of these people with the goal of achieving optimal sports performance.


  • Teach and transmit the skills and techniques of one or more sports to different types of users, from beginning athletes to professionals.
  • Encourage performance improvement and commitment around their training.
  • Have knowledge of the rules and regulations of the organisms that govern their sport or sport modality and disclose to athletes they train.
  • Design training programs adapted to each athlete or team of athletes in order to bring them to their maximum performance at the right time.
  • Prepare and provide the necessary material to carry out the training. Supervise them and guarantee their correct execution in order to avoid injuries.
  • If an injury has occurred during the training sessions, coordinate with other professionals (physical trainer, physiotherapists) in order to prepare a recovery program.
  • Systematically evaluate the progression and evolution of the performance of the people they train.
  • Select team members for a game or competition, together with the sports management in case the team has.
  • Collaborate with nutritionists and dietitians in order to provide professional advice on the athlete's diet.

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