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The professional responsible for either programming, directing and instructing personalized physical conditioning activities in a multi-purpose training room with cardiovascular exercise machines, resistance devices, body-building area, etc. or supervising the activities taking place in this area and ensuring its correct use for better user satisfaction.


  • Work in the fitness room, advising those who are new to physical activity and those more familiar with exercise. Monitor the operation of the room, addressing all queries.
  • In the case of new members, ask them to fill in a health and safety questionnaire gathering their personal characteristics, details of their medical history and any past injuries sustained, medication and any other details to be taken into account when customising their exercise plan. Additionally, compile data regarding their lifestyle and nutrition.
  • Devise customised training plans for each person according to their needs: getting into shape, weight loss, toning, bodybuilding, etc. Combine cardiovascular exercises, flexibility, strength and resistance training. The programmes include warm-up, stretching, activities, circuits, etc.
  • Supervises the exercises carried out, explaining their effects on the body, correcting posture, and explaining and demonstrating how to use the machines properly.
  • Assist those who wish to review their activity programme, discussing individual progress, goals and any potential problems, etc.
  • Ensure the proper use of the room and machines and overall user satisfaction.
  • Depending on the size and type of establishment, carry out other activities such as facility maintenance and checks, customer service, equipment organisation, etc.
  • Be prepared to assist any person suffering an incident in the room.
  • On occasions and if trained to do so, lead activities and personal training programmes in line with the needs of the centre.

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