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Personal Trainer


The professional that advises and provides personalized training to customers interested in improving their physical condition, practicing a specific sport or that need specific rehabilitation or functional recovery training. A personal trainer teaches the most appropriate exercises to improve body posture and the use of certain parts of our body and provides advice on types of healthy behaviours and diets.


  • Analyze and consider the problems of each client.
    If there is a previous diagnosis, carry out a follow-up of the medical advice provided.
    Adjust to the personal objectives of each client.
  • Draw up a programme and list of customised exercises.
    Demonstrate how to do the exercises.
    Correct bad posture.
    Carry out and set the pace of each exercise.
    Check that the various exercises are performed properly.
    Obtain a commitment to attend training sessions.
  • Proceed to evaluating results.
    Be aware of the client's level of physical and emotional fulfilment.
    Assess the physical results obtained.

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