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In compliance with Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, under the Personal Data Protection Act, we inform you that data collected will form part of an automated file, under the ownership of BARCELONA ACTIVE SPM S.A., with registered office at 162-164 Calle Llacuna, Barcelona, with the aim of managing enrollments and of informing of the company's activities and services within its field of action. You will be able to exercise access rights, rectification, cancel cancellation and/or opposition via written communication to the Legal Services of BARCELONA ACTIVE SPM S.A. at the aforementioned address.

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Combinatorial synthesis technician


The drug discovery process requires a great deal of time and investment. The development of combinatorial chemistry and automatic screening techniques (HTS, High Throughput Screening) makes it possible to synthesise hundreds of compounds in few stages and to rapidly assess their biological activity. This has led to an exponential growth in the number of potential drugs that can be studied in animal models and clinical trials. Their use is being extended to the generation of new materials (e.g.) superconductors) and to the development of phytosanitary products, pigments, polymers and catalysts. Combinatorial chemistry technicias work on the design and synthesis of libraries of high added-value (organic, inorganic and bioorganic) compounds, using manual synthesis techniques and automatic synthesisers, chemical characterisation, chromatography (GC/MS, HPLC, HPLC/MS) and spectroscopy (RMN) techniques, as well as advanced purification and optimisation methods. The role is performed by laboratory technicians specialising and with experience in chemical synthesis and by recent graduates who carry out their work under the supervision of experienced researchers or the laboratory or department manager.


  • Control the raw materials and reagents that arrive at the laboratory, obtaining the relevant certificates of analysis from suppliers.
  • Participate in the design and optimisation of organic processes, applying synthesis equipment to obtain new synthetic routes and working methodologies.
  • Perform combinatorial syntheses for internal or external R&D projects within good laboratory practices environments.
  • Work alongside the study or project managers to identify the prospects for high-performance methodologies, interacting with staff from other disciplines, such as medical chemistry, biologi and computational chemistry.
  • Participate in the design and synthesis of solid-phase and solution chemical libraries, through the use of semi-automatic and automatic synthesis systems.
  • Ensure that the instruments and data collection systems are connected, in conjunction with the information technology specialists.
  • Undertake the characterisation of chemistry libraries through high-performance liquid chromatographymass spectrometry (HPLC/MS) or other chromatography or spectroscopy techniques.
  • Perform the mass purification of chemistry libraries, controlled by mass spectometry or ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometry (UV-VIS).
  • Perfom purity and quality control on small and medium-sized chemical libraries using chromatography techniques, for subsequent use in high throughput biological screening.
  • Take responsibility for the elimination of organic solvents from series of compounds or chemical libraries using specific evaporators.
  • Perform the dissolution, aliquoting and weighing of final products and chemical libraries, manually or automatically, using robots.
  • Control the operational aspects of the equipment involved in the process being worked on.
  • Record all production incidents, as well as looking after the record of all of the data collected during the process.
  • Calculate the performance obtained during the synthesis and help resolve any issues that arose.
  • Manage the waste produced in the laboratory, clean and perform maintenance on the equipment and facilities.

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